LER Apartments, Kilimani

For comfort, come to LER apartments, fully furnished and serviced

You have just landed in Nairobi. You want a luxurious, spacious and well-furnished apartment (in the true sense of the word) and do not know where to start your search.

You have in mind a place where you can feel comfortable staying for whatever period you may want. Location matters to you. Security is foremost in your mind. Quality service is what you value. You do not want to be troubled with lack of amenities.

You cannot contemplate living in a noisy neighborhood where all manner of shouting is the order of the day. You love a tranquil, serene environment. You want to live where supermarkets are a walk away.

Look no further than LER Apartments

Ours are modern apartments located in Nairobi’s up-market suburb of Hurlingham, immediately behind the famous Yaya Centre. They contain all you would desire in an apartment

Ours are modern apartments located in Nairobi’s up-market suburb of Hurlingham, immediately behind the famous Yaya Centre. They contain all you would desire in an apartment.

When you arrive at Hurlingham, you will appreciate the allure of this locality that is almost self-contained in terms of what guests need to make their stay comfortable. Take a peep at our apartments and you will agree we have provided what is absolutely necessary for your comfort. We have excellent accommodation and state-of-the-art technology which includes wi-fi for internet access.

The apartments are just a 40-minute drive away from JKIA, 10 minutes from the city centre and 20 minutes from the famous Nairobi National Park. Simply, LER Apartments are easily accessible.

A haven for guests

LER Apartments is a haven for the discerning executive on a short stopover or leisure traveler who wants somewhere to stay while in Nairobi. 

At your service are professional and experienced staff and managers to provide you with a high standard of service from beginning to the end of your stay. The team has many years experience and knowledge of the hospitality industry. As a result, the service providers at LER Apartments understand what you, the customer, want and need.

Keep in shape

For guests who are keen on losing weight, building muscle, lowering blood pressure, increasing fitness and flexibility the premises’ fitnesss centre will help them achieve their health and fitness goals. The LER Apartments management has also taken into account the fact that, nowadays, gyms have to be in the tech game. Customers want something that helps the time go by, that helps the mind escape the drudgery of exercise. To this end, the gym has a TV set that clients view as they huff and puff.

Health-conscious customers are assured that the apartments’ management has provided a clean, safe, and comfortable environment to achieve their health and fitness goals.


This facility allows customers staying at the apartments to use the internet in the comfort of their hotel rooms instead of having to go to internet cafes. WiFi is a technology that would allow users an internet connection without having the hassle of installing a physical wire. This technology brings other benefits like the users don''t have to be restricted to one place to use the internet but can avail of the facility of the internet anywhere where the hotel internet covers. Users can even utilize this internet technology over a snack of food or an afternoon tea.

WiFi offers the guests who stay at the apartments a pleasant experience that leaves them satisfied.

The choice is yours

At LER Apartments, you have four types of apartments to choose from. It all depends on what you want.

Two-bedroom apartments

We have four such apartments. Each comprises a sitting room, a self-contained mater bedroom, a guest bedroom, kitchen and dining table.

One-Bedroom apartments

As the name suggests, this comprises a single bedroom, sitting room, detached bathroom, kitchen and dining table. We have eight such units.


This is a unit bigger than the bedsitter which has all the amenities you would find in an apartment: kitchen and bathroom. LER Apartments has four such units.


This is a single room with all the amenities available in the other apartments. Four such rooms are available.


All apartments have TVs showing local channels. If you want DSTV, you pay as a separate service and are given a decoder according to the channels you prefer to watch.


LER Apartments keeps you in touch with the management, restaurant and even the outside world. Through an intercom, you are always connected to the service providers. Through wireless Internet available anywhere within the LER Apartments premises, you can hop into the Internet and send emails, browse or chat.

No kitchen would be worth its name if it lacks basic equipment that lend weight to it. All kitchens have a fridge, microwave, toaster, blender, sandwich maker, electric kettle and utensils.


Water, it is said, is life. We at LER Apartments are aware of this truism and have made it our duty to ensure you have water – always. We have an underground tank with a capacity of 100,000 litres. Thus, at no time will you lack for water. For bathing purposes, we maintain a roof tank which uses solar heaters during the day. At night, we have timers for the solar panels to heat the water properly. So, whether you want a cold or hot bath, the choice is yours.


CCTV cameras are installed in the entire hotel to boost security and patrons can look forward to having a pleasant stay there. Additionally, the apartments have fire extinguishers which are essential in fire prevention and fighting.


The apartments’ executive chef has created mouth-watering menus to cater for different tastes.


Laundry facilities are also available. The pricing is competitive, aligned with the market rates.

Other facilities

Secure and ample parking space is provided for guests and their visitors.

People do not live to eat. They eat to live. However, what one eats depends on one’s preference. That is why at LER Apartments, guests can choose between vegetarian and non-vegeterian menus.

LER Apartments’ range of burgers and sandwiches is as appetizing as it is diverse. You can go for the LER Club Sandwich, an in-house special that packs delicious chicken nuggets, fried eggs, fresh tomatoes and creamy mayonnaise.  Egg sandwich, ham sandwich, chicken sandwich, bacon and tomato sandwich, vegetable sandwich, beef burger, chicken burger and vegetable burger provide for ample choice.

You can then wash down any of the above snacks with milkshake that comes in different flavours (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate); chilled fruit juice (whether orange, mango or passion); soft drinks or; plain drinking water.

All these are available as takeaways.


When you wake up, look forward to an exciting combination of breakfast menus. 

LER Apartments has prepared a special menu dubbed LER Morning Dew, a delighting combination of cereals, fresh juice, toast, eggs, sausages, fresh fruits and either tea or coffee.

You may opt for the African Breakfast that gives you a taste of the delicacies the continent is known for. Enjoy sweet potatoes, sweet corns, beans, traditional porridge and a cup of African tea or coffee.

If you want to enjoy a hot beverage with no accompaniments, LER Apartments will serve what you prefer. It could be white or black tea; white or black coffee; hot white or black chocolate or just a glass of milk. Place your order and you will have it on your table.

Whatever your taste, LER Apartments has a snack that appeals to your taste buds. You can order fried eggs, plain omelette, Spanish omelette, scrambled eggs, plain toast, sausage, pancake or samosa.


When it comes to meals, LER Apartments guests are simply spoilt for choice. Chicken, beef, goat meat fish, mutton, pork are all on the menu and one only has to take his/her pick. Also available is pilau (seasoned rice mixed with beef, chicken or vegetables). Any of these can be taken with a choice of LER Apartments’ accompaniments that include stir fried rice, French fries, ugali, roast potatoes or chapatti.

Others include Tossed seasonal vegetables (tossed in butter), kachumbari  (an optional fresh condiment in Kenyan cuisine consisting of chopped tomatoes, onions and chilli pepper) and Buttered Spinach (fresh from the garden spinach blanched and tossed in butter).